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My name is Anna Bratanova, I am a designer and founder of Eve&Esther.

I have a degree in graphic design, and before founding the brand, I worked as a designer, constantly collaborating with artists and illustrators.

In 2017, I decided to change my life. Probably, few people would now dare to change a stable office job for the suspense. But I took a risk.

I have always dreamed of creating clothes that will make every girl feel like a princess, but at the same time be comfortable in the modern rhythm of metropolis.

So the idea of ​​authentic prints based on favorite fairy tales was born. Inspired by favorite childhood books, together with artists and illustrators, I started creating text and graphic prints.

Using regular fabrics and standard prints of the same type? I gave up this idea right away, at the very beginig. I looked at dozens of samples with different prints and realized none of these fabrics will be original, and will never make my brand recognizable and create a feeling of magic. And for me it was important that wearing Eve & Esther every girl could feel like a fairy princess - special and unique.

Now there are more than 20 prints in our collection, all inspired by magical stories and princesses images - fabulous and real. Eve&Esther clothes made of premium natural and technological fabrics with authentic prints are now worn by modern princesses all over the world.